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Crossfit Famous person,Josh Gallegos, explains his love for the health program and coaching high WWE Atheletes: Seth Rollins, Cesaro, and Becky Lynch

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Josh Gallegos is the trainer for the elite personalities of the WWE. However, if you ask him how he should be where he is, he will say that he was in the right place at the right time.

"I am Mr. Magoo, so to speak, who offers me these really entertaining opportunities," says Gallegos. "All of the films and TV shows I've worked on, from Spider-Man to The Longest Yard with Adam Sandler to my job at the game show Jeopardy, happened under these weird, funny circumstances. And the Seth Rollins thing was one of them . "


The thing with Seth Rollins is a close partnership that the two founded after Gallegos started training the former WWE Universal Champion with CrossFit-WODs a few years ago. This relationship led Gallegos to train other well-known WWE athletes – Becky Lynch, Cesaro, Bayley and the Singh Brothers – on the recommendation of Rollins.

Soon afterwards, Gallegos, a CrossFit Level 2 trainer and CrossFit endurance trainer, and Rollins founded DeadBoys Fitness, which offers a “functional training experience” that includes training with WWE personalities in an entertaining and inclusive atmosphere.

"We founded DeadBoys to make people fit because that's really important to Seth and me," says Gallegos. "In this way, they can be made to change their lifestyle."

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Gallegos had his own life-changing experience when he tried CrossFit for the first time. He trained with body parts for years, but always met plateaus. Then he saw the new, torn body of an old friend telling him that CrossFit was thanks, and Gallegos tried a class.

"I got hooked after my first lesson," he says. Soon after, Gallegos became an integral part of L.A.'s top CrossFit boxes and became known to the local fitness community.

During an event at Sony Studios, Gallegos picked up the microphone and showed a natural ability for MCing. The owner of the box he worked for hired him on site to host a regional CrossFit event. This ultimately led him to become one of the hosts of the annual CrossFit Games. He is now the host of the CrossFit games.

Right place, right time. But timing didn't matter if Gallegos didn't have the talent and personality to make the most of it. For this reason, he tries to adopt a fun-loving attitude in everything he does, which is evident in the DeadBoys programs that he carries out for the participants.

"It's not just a typical fitness program. It goes beyond that. It tries to incorporate a bit of pop culture, some comic and film references. I try my best to get to their level so that they are excited to wake up and see what the training looks like every day. "



This WOD (Workout of the Day) is one of Josh Gallegos's favorites. Named after the famous Johnny Cash song, this workout doesn't turn you into a man in black, but your muscles feel like a ring of fire after this brutal sequence.


For this training, do dumbbells and belches for 1 minute in a row.

As for repetitions, start by doing 4 of each movement, resting the rest of the minute, and then taking your full minute break.

Then you will repeat it, but with 2 additional repetitions, i.e. 6 tears and 6 burps.

Add another 2 repetitions until you can no longer do all the repetitions in the working minute.


Two dumbbells (£ 50 for men, £ 35 for women).

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