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Connor McGregor Wins UFC 246 in 40 Seconds

by Christian Duque

A longer absence from a sport usually means that the competitor has a hard time adjusting each time he returns. It makes sense if you think about it. It's a theory that has pushed bodybuilding for people like Kai Greene, and it is now being applied to Phil Heath. It only makes sense that the longer someone deviates from sport, the rustier they become. Similar to movie stars, wrestlers, and even professional basketball legends like Shaq, bodybuilders are obsessed with MMA.


In fact, everyone I knew was taped onto the screens for the big fight this weekend. Some were very excited about cowboy, others thought Connor would win, but everyone wanted to watch the fight. Mixed martial arts has surely reached the lion's share of the audience. Mogul Dana White has to thank for the fact that the sport has been consolidated and is moving in one direction – upwards! The fact is that the production value, the prize money and the quality of the fights continue to improve. Many others also prefer MMA over boxing because MMA is far cleaner for most. Boxing has a certain black cloud, with unusual decisions from time to time. Nonetheless, MMA is also a much more exciting sport that includes footwork, floor work, grappling, and more. Apart from that, like boxing, it dominates the art of hype. Hype is the key to making every fight seem like the fight to end all battles. The truth is, the fanfare worked because most of the people I spoke to were split in the middle.

Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone is a good fighter, but hardly outstanding by everyone's definition. His boxing career was nothing to write home about. His kickboxing record was something good, but something good is nothing spectacular either. His MMA recording was better than his boxing and kickboxing recordings, but nothing spectacular either. In terms of power, even those who thought cowboys could win gave the McGregor. The only thing that benefited Cerrone was the possibility that McGregor's three-year absence would have made him less prepared. This idea quickly vanished when McGregor went straight to work. Even though he tried to get a small presentation value, this is MMA and the Irishman just wanted to bury his opponent.

Perhaps the most iconic memory of this whole struggle would be the shoulder thrusts. I personally had never seen them before and didn't even know if they were legal. To be honest, these blows have really left considerable strength behind and shaken Cerrone and made him bloody. The truth is, Connor was ready. He used every tool at his disposal and wasted no time, and his opponent must have known in the first few seconds that the fight was over.

It's very hard to explain a fight of over 40 seconds, but I felt like I was looking at Tyson against Spinks again. Unlike Cerrone, Spinks was an Olympic fighter, a former world champion, and someone who (at least on paper) had a chance to stop Iron Mike in the 1980s. This fight only lasted one round, but what you had there was a really brutal, energetic and downright ass in Tyson who just wanted to wipe out his competition. Connor reminded me of Tyson. Spinks, like Cerrone, were far less eager, he was careful, he might very well have been privy to the fact that he was going to be crushed. Within seconds of the fight everyone knew Spinks was ready, but no one thought it would be in the first round. It was also clear that once McGregor came out with the intensity, there would be no chance of winning. The best scenario would be to survive at least a few laps. The fact that the fight lasted 40 seconds is proof that McGregor is back with all his might!

Can Connor win back his title? I think that's perfectly clear. The truth is, McGregor's camp has already talked about a possible fight with Jorge Masvidal and other battles to really put him back on the map. It gets down to business again and that would be great, not just for sports but also for McGregor. This guy is a talented legend, he shouldn't throw rubbish bins on buses or make headlines when attacking old men in Irish bars. Great fighters of this caliber are few and far between. You don't just take this type of skill and throw it away. It is also important not to get in the wrong amount, as athletes with promising careers often do.


Regarding Cerrone, I think he will recover from it. There's no reason why he doesn't have a great MMA career and continues to win great matches. In a few years, he may not even be able to fight McGregor anymore. Still, let's get no further. Nobody thinks about a rematch after 40 seconds TKO, but I like to look at the glass half full.

McGregor received $ 3 million in prize money, but according to an interview with Ariel Helwani from ESPN, the Irishman said that his overall win from the fight would be around $ 80 million. Cerrone earned $ 200,000 to enter the octagon and would have earned an additional $ 200,000 if he won. Still, $ 200,000 is not bad for a 40-second fight.

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