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Complement Retailers Evolve or Die with “Keep At Residence” Order

by Matt Weik

What are Supplement Retailers Ready to Stay in Business? Will they develop or will they die? With the "stay at home" order that many Americans have been under, most people cannot and will not go outside where others gather. Apart from that, supplement retailers can stay open to give consumers the opportunity to buy things like multivitamin, vitamin C, green powder, immunity boosters, CBD, protein powder and pre-workouts.


Now the gyms are closed for now and people have to exercise at home if they want to exercise. But it's what supplement retailers do that impresses me. However, the real story will be this: will they continue to use these strategies after the corona virus stops spreading and people go shopping again? Let us discuss what I see.

Supplement retailers don't go away

I paid close attention to what supplement retailers in my area, as well as in other countries and locations, are doing during these difficult times. Unfortunately, many supplement retailers have closed their doors for now because they are afraid of getting the corona virus themselves. However, many take the time to offer their customers added value and comfort. How? In fact, in several ways.


Don't want to go out for fear of the corona virus? Many supplement retailers supply. Assuming it is not a one-man business, their employees jump into their cars and deliver to a specific area or an "x" number of miles from their location.

It's a great idea. People can place an order over the phone, provide their credit card information for payment, and then place their order on their doorstep without ever leaving home. Another nice thing is that people are still able to support their local small businesses instead of going online and ordering from retailers like Amazon or Tiger Fitness.

Pick up

Do you have to leave the house? Some supplement retailers allow pickup orders. You can either order online for pickup, go to the store and tell them what you need, or just place an order and then drive to your local supplement dealer to get your supplements. You can stay in your car without getting out of the car, and complementary retailers walk to your vehicle and hand-deliver the goodies. This is quick and convenient, and allows you to break through your cabin fever before you drive home to stare out the window at the empty streets.

Online order

Some supplement retailers have only one physical location – a physical location without e-commerce. One of the supplement retailers who used this time and opportunity was Popeyes Supplements in Canada. They have 140 locations across Canada and while they had an online shop, they decided to start another. Because of the corona virus, other brick-and-mortar retailers also quickly set up a website so they could take online orders.


Personally, this ability is one that most supplement retailers should have had, but are unlikely to have ever developed. Those with a website can not only help serve their community through their online store, they can also send orders to others in different states to generate even more revenue.

In-store shopping

While this isn't exactly the best option, customers have the option of actually entering the stores if they so choose. This allows customers to browse the store, ask questions to the seller, and see everything the supplement retailer has to offer.

From a health perspective, of course, this is not the best option, since someone with the corona virus could go to the store and touch products and you (yourself) could get sick and become infected with the virus. Personally, I would recommend one of the other three options before considering them, but each one for yourself, depending on your risk tolerance.

Develop or die – it's that simple

I hate to say it, but companies like supplement retailers have to evolve or they will die. If you think the government will save you, wait and see how it works for you. If you need money NOW to keep your doors open and no rescue checks are being deposited, you need to find out what you can do to keep your doors open and turn on the lights.

Those who get through this tough time should be proud and excited about the future because it can open up a whole new way of doing business once things get back to normal. And I hate to say it, but those who fail make it too long to act. Take the "L" on your chin and all you have to do is figure out what to do from here after losing your business.

Regardless of the option listed above, it would still be a good idea to delete everything when you get home to make sure that the virus has been eliminated if it was on the product. And when you're done, wash your hands thoroughly.

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