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Complement Label Transparency Will Fizzle Out Quickly

by Matt Weik

This is a recent topic that I have dealt with in the past. However, this article will move in a slightly different direction in terms of completing the label transparency. And as always, you know how I roll, this article can trigger some people. I agree, but what I'm going to say has to be heard, because this morning is nothing special, and you do not want to be next.

I have discussed both sides. I broke it down in all possible directions. And while I see valid points from both sides (the consumer and the brand), they will soon be swept under the carpet and forgotten. Where do I go with it? Hold on tight because we're going on a trip.

Brands want you to have ALL FEELINGS

This article may seem a little one-sided, but if you read my other content on supplement tag transparency or even my podcast, you know where I stand on both sides of the debate. But with this article I will look at things from the point of view of the brand.

Almost daily new brands appear. Do you know what your marketing strategy is? "We are transparent with our labels."

That actually leads me to my point in all this. Again, I'm not saying that this is disrespectful to brands (ok, maybe a few), but the fact that you have extra label transparency will mean absolutely nothing in 2020. Many brands will be transparent, regardless of whether we think it's the right or the wrong step. You have to find a new way to stand out from the others.

In 2019, the year of marketing your brand was transparent. This movement has come and will be on the way out. Not that people do not need to care anymore. It's easy because it's not a selling point anymore. It's as if your product contains ingredient X and then everyone else decides to include the same ingredient in their products, and it loses its shine.

Before 2019 comes to an end, you should take a closer look at your 2020 marketing strategy. If it contains additional label transparency, tick it and start brainstorming a new differentiation point. The follow-up sticker Transparency has left the station. It's time to think outside the box. Think outside the box with ingredients. Think outside the box with benefits. And become unique again.

Disclaimer: I'm not Nostradamus, but I see things (not as scary as ghosts). The above is exactly my opinion. I thought I was wrong once, but I was wrong. So, take it and do it the way you want. Bottom up!

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