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Charles Donaldson’s 5 Chest-Constructing Ideas and Routine

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The classic competitor of the IFBB pro League, Charles Donaldson, does a good job so that work doesn't get in the way of work.

The 2017 NPC Masters Universe Classic Physique winner spends nine to five hours with a successful and stressful career in corporate finance between 6:00 a.m., during which he completed cardio and late night strength training.

Along with long hours come the myriad of customer lunches and lunches at some of New York City's top restaurants that, if poorly managed, can ravage everyone's waist – especially treacherous if you're an athlete who is committed to that Arnold Classic and 2020 wants to qualify Olympia.

Still, Donaldson can control his diet almost all year round, which in turn helps him keep his microscopic waistline. ("Good genetics," Donaldson explains, is a waist that is only 10 inches wide on stage.)

A lifestyle with two careers is not for everyone, and even 38-year-old Donaldson cannot say exactly why he has had two strenuous careers. He only knows what works best for him.

"We all chose this life because we knew what we were getting into," said Donaldson, who was preparing for the IFBB Pro League Masters Baltimore Pro in October. "If you love what you do in all areas of life, whether at work or in competition, appreciate and enjoy the process. There are no excuses."

Another plus for a tiny belt size is the illusion of a jacked-up torso – but in Donaldson's case, his torso is not an optical illusion. "Chest has always been one of my favorite body parts to work out," he says. “When I started training, it was the first muscle that developed for me. It actually developed excessively until I had to stop breast training for almost four years and it would only train the last two weeks of my pre-competition training.

His routine involves some unique movements (such as hammer-side pressure on the chest) that target parts of the chest that traditional routines may neglect.

"With this workout, you can hit every corner of your chest," Donaldson says. “It's nice to have a strong chest, but everyone can go under a counter, throw up three or four plates and push away. However, a strong breast with a great shape gives the impression that it is even bigger. "

It works for Donaldson.

1. Light weight, baby

When it comes to full breast development, Donaldson emphasizes the importance of not always lifting heavy iron. "From what I've learned and done, I noticed that the chest responds to slow, controlled movements," he says. "Take the time to feel the movement and push each repetition."

2. Fish it up

Donaldson often mixes his routines with variations on each exercise to optimize angles. "The first thing I think about is the angles that I will hit and the movements, machines, or exercises that I will do," he says. "As soon as I have decided on a point of view, I choose my exercises and movements."

3. Attain side control

"Side breast presses round off your chest and give it the thickness of the side and center of the chest," Donaldson says. "This gives your chest a dramatic look when you are on your side."

4. No night chest exercise

One of Donaldson's more unique breast movement variations is a standing barbell fly, in which he holds a light barbell in his hand and makes a flight movement with his arm. "The trick is to turn your palm from palm to palm when you're up, squeezing both the outer and inner part of your chest," says Donaldson. "Use weight that you can comfortably squeeze throughout the movement."

5. Finish the job

At the end of his chest workout, Donaldson does a 20-reps burnout finisher. “If you did it right, you can stretch your chest with sweaters and hit your Serratus. They help give your breast this nice, clean separation from the bottom of your breast, ”he says.

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