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Cease Overcomplicating Pre-Exercise Dietary supplements for Girls

by Matt Weik

Look, I understand. There is one market that is explicitly focused on nutritional supplements for women. And these brands are absolutely killing it. But when it comes to products that are already on the market and used by men, that doesn’t mean women can’t use the same products. As an example of this article, let’s look at and examine pre-workout supplements for women.


Are the pre-workout ingredients gender specific?

If you look at the ingredients commonly found in pre-workout supplements, are they more aimed at men? Some would argue yes, but there really is no difference. What are some of the most common ingredients in pre-workout formulations? Caffeine, beta-alanine, various amino acids, arginine, creatine monohydrate, citrulline malate, CLA, green tea extract, etc. There is more, but let’s keep it short.

Can and should women use these ingredients? Absolutely. You can speed up your results and improve your exercise performance by adding products containing exactly these ingredients to your dietary supplement.

And this is not a blow to the brands that are specifically targeted at the female population. So don’t think this article is a shot fired article because it isn’t. The reason for this article is to clear up the misinformation that women must take different dietary supplements than their male counterparts. The truth is, they need a different dosage than men.

What’s the REAL difference?

If you took a 250-pound man and gave him Product X and then gave the same product to a 110-pound woman, will there be some variation in the effects? Absolutely. If Product X contains 400 mg of caffeine, it may be suitable for men, but not women, based solely on their body weight and tolerance to various ingredients such as stimulants. 400 mg of caffeine for a woman who weighs barely 100 pounds may have some side effects – or maybe not? It’s very individual.

However, if you look at pre-workout supplements for women, many of them contain exactly the same ingredients as the “potent” pre-workouts for men, only with a smaller dose of the ingredients. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Are these women-specific brands fooling the consumer? Absolutely not. They simply cater and build their products to meet the needs of women. More is really not possible.


That being said, of course, there are some precautions and precautions that need to be taken when it comes to products like pre-workout supplements for women. For example, if a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding, doing a pre-workout that contains stimulants would clearly not be a good idea. Pregnant women are already warned by their doctor to cut their caffeine consumption, which drives many women crazy that they cannot maintain their current coffee consumption as they did before pregnancy. (It is a necessary sacrifice for the joy of procreation)

In addition, women should always speak to their doctor to make sure that they are healthy enough to take certain nutritional supplements, such as pre-workout supplements for women, while also making sure that these products do not interact with any medication they are currently taking.

Food Supplements to Consider Before Exercising for Women

There are many brands of dietary supplements to consider if you are a woman and prefer to use products specifically designed for women. Do a Google search and find a reputable brand that you trust. When it comes to pre-workout nutritional supplements for women, there are so many different profiles that you need to consider the options and decide which one will best suit your wants and needs while aligning it with your specific health and fitness goals .

If there are ingredients in a formula that you know to cause unwanted side effects or to have unwanted effects, stay away from them. It is really that easy. Again, you’ll find a lower-dose profile in the women’s pre-workout supplements market compared to the brands that target men. And that’s perfectly fine.

Likewise, if your husband or significant other loves a pre-workout and you want to use it, then go ahead and do it right away. Just pay attention to the warning that his dose and your dose will be different. If he’s using a full scoop, you may need a half scoop or even a quarter scoop to feel the same effects of the pre-workout product.

Should you decide to use a dietary supplement that is not tailored to the needs of a woman and contains high-dose ingredients, you should assess your tolerance with the smallest possible serving and then increase as necessary to achieve the desired feeling and effect.

Are you fooling women-specific brands?

No. Not in the least. They have simply done their homework and know at what dosage certain ingredients work on women and where the “sweet spot” tends to be. And that doesn’t mean you don’t have to play with the serving size of a pre-workout supplement for women. You may very well need it.

Here, too, it depends on your body weight and your individual tolerance – especially when it comes to taking stimulants. So, whenever you buy pre-workout supplements for women or any other pre-workout supplements in the market, take a look at the profile, understand what is in it and in what dosage, and adjust your serving size accordingly. Remember that the recommended use and directions are only a guideline, not an absolute one. Your mileage can vary, so go supplementation with this mindset and you will be fine.

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