Careers and professions associated to bodybuilding: three choices for individuals who need to specialize within the subject

Having a healthy lifestyle and defining the body are two desires that opened space for the creation of several careers and professions related to bodybuilding. Going far beyond spending hours training, these new opportunities arose in the hope of integrating the culture of a healthier body with daily routines.

Therefore, several professionals have specialized in working with bodybuilding, even if they are not direct practitioners of the sport. This new area encompasses everything from creating eating routines to optimizing performance during training and is of great importance to bodybuider professionals.


If this is a professional field that arouses your interest, it’s worth checking out this article we prepared, talking about 3 career options and professions related to bodybuilding that are on the rise in the market.

After all, are there careers and professions linked to bodybuilding that do not require bodybuilding training?

Many people still believe that the world of bodybuilding is restricted to bodybuilding competitions, with athletes with defined bodies and a healthy lifestyle. However, for these athletes to achieve their goals safely and efficiently, a number of related professionals also made their contributions.

These are careers linked to bodybuilding that, even if they do not require complex and heavy training, contribute to athletes reaching their maximum, through technical knowledge and individual application for each bodybuilder.

Some professions that are related to the sport and do not necessarily need bodybuilder representatives are:

Personal trainer; Sports marketing professionals; Psychologists; Professionals related to sports health. Here, it is worth adding that these professionals have ensured several daily positions, as can be seen in this article on the Folha de São Paulo portal, which talks about how sports medicine left the fields and went into everyday life; Photographers; Public relations; Administrators and agents.


Today, we’ll deal specifically with 3 careers that are critical for bodybuilders to reach their physical peak with safety and motivation.

3 careers and professions related to bodybuilding

As much as this is a wide area, as we could see in the topic above, 3 of them are essential for the monitoring of any bodybuilder: the physical trainer, the sports physiotherapist and the nutritionist specializing in diets for athletes.

Learn a little more about these 3 professions.

Personal trainer

The physical trainer or personal trainer is the professional responsible for guiding and monitoring the athletes’ physical training. For bodybuilding, in particular, it will be he who will create the exercise routine, always aiming at muscle hypertrophy, guiding the correct movement to achieve this goal, always with great efficiency and safety.

To become a physical trainer, it is necessary to graduate in the Physical Education course, which costs, on average, R$ 1000 per month, which may vary according to the chosen institution. This is a four-year course and entitles the professional to provide guidance and physical preparation for other people.

However, bodybuilding personal trainers need to undergo a specialization in the area, which adds up to R$5,000 on average, with an expected duration of six months. In this way, they will be able to create more efficient training routines for each student.

The average salary of a physical trainer specializing in bodybuilding is around R$ 2500 monthly.

Typically, the bodybuilding personal trainer works in gyms, where they have weight machines and equipment at their disposal. However, he can associate indoor training with outdoor practices, which contribute to the reduction of body fat and bring more satisfaction to the athlete.

sports physiotherapist

The sports physiotherapist is the physiotherapy professional specialized in monitoring and treating injuries and is also responsible for preventing them from happening, through preventive exams and treatments that ensure the athlete’s physical health.

To become a specialist in this area, it is first necessary to graduate in Physiotherapy, investing an average amount of R$ 1,200 monthly over a period of 4 to 5 years. Afterwards, to carry out a specialization in the area of ​​Sports Physiotherapy, which costs around R$7,000, lasting 12 months.

The return on all this investment is quite attractive: salaries can reach R$ 2,000 per month per patient seen, and may be higher in the case of constant monitoring by renowned athletes.

Sports physiotherapists work in specialized clinics, with equipment that contributes to the physical improvement of athletes.

Nutritionist specializing in diets for athletes

Finally, we’ll talk about the last fundamental career for bodybuilders to achieve their goals in the healthiest and most efficient way possible: the nutritionist. This professional is responsible for creating diets aimed at hypertrophy and muscle definition, using the ingredients in order to contribute to physical growth, without sacrificing the athlete’s health.

In addition, he also monitors the development of the bodybuilder through tests, which are frequently requested and can interfere with the feeding routine in order to adapt to the rates shown in these diagnoses.

To become a professional in this field, it is necessary to attend the Faculty of Nutrition, which has an average monthly fee of R$1,500 and a duration of 4 years. Afterwards, carry out a specialization in Sports Nutrition, with an investment of around R$ 2,700 and expected duration of 12 months.

On average, a nutritionist specializing in diets for athletes earns about R$ 2,700 monthly. It is noteworthy that this salary can vary according to the number of athletes that it follows.

It is common for sports nutritionists to serve in specialized clinics, but they can also provide private consultations or in gyms.

Get inspired by one of the careers and professions linked to bodybuilding!

Now that you know about the careers and professions related to bodybuilding, you know that it is a field of activity that allows for different specializations and, therefore, encompasses a large number of professionals.

In addition, the areas related to bodybuilding are constantly growing, due to the increased interest from athletes and publicity of events. So, if this is a field that interests you, you can invest without any fear.

Research on the subject, check which of the areas that you most identify and become a qualified professional, responsible for the greatest bodybuilders!

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