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C4 Sensible Vitality RTD: A Sensible and Scrumptious RTD

by Matt Weik

I'm an idiot for energy drinks. However, I also love nootropics. I work long hours (more than 16 hours a day) and have to stay focused and full of energy day and night. My day requires the constant production of content and copies for my customers, and even the slightest loss of energy or mental effort can mean the difference between completing multiple projects and just a few. This is where C4 Smart Energy comes in.


I walked through my local supplement store (Trinity Nutrition, Wyomissing, PA – formerly Fitness Mania for your locals reading this) and noticed that they brought some new RTD (ready-to-drink) drinks with them. I saw the C4 Smart Energy and wanted to try it out because I use nootropics (pills or powder) a lot every day. Since it's an RTD version, I thought it would be a nice change if you just add a few pills or mix the powder in a shaker to take advantage. I often take my nootropics in the morning and drink something like a Monster Ultra (white can) or a Reign Energy Drink at the same time.

Trinity Nutrition was pretty limited in terms of flavor choices, so I chose the C4 Smart Energy Peach Mango Nectar. Although I wasn't too surprised based on my previous experience with various C4 and Cellucor products, the taste was absolutely delicious. If you are a fan of peach and mango, you will really enjoy this RTD. That being said, I want to get my hands on the cotton candy taste (I'm a fool for the Bang and Reign Cotton Candy drinks).

C4 Intelligent energy efficiency

Once I said it, I said it a thousand times – I think the future of the industry is in nootropics, not energy. However, combining both in a resistance thermometer like the C4 Smart Energy drink is a good game. If people start to lose the effects of caffeine due to adrenal fatigue, they'll look for the next best thing, and in my opinion that would be the nootropic. But for now, I think the Cellucor / Nutrabolt guys made it with the C4 Smart Energy RTD.

The markings on the can are 200 mg InnovaTea (natural caffeine to increase energy), 250 mg patented cognizine citicolin (supports mental concentration and attention) and 50 mg N-acetyl-L-tyrosine (supports perception and can) improve mood ).

When it comes to energy drinks, I am quite immune to the effects of years of use and testing during my time at MET-Rx (I would always raise my hand to be the guinea pig when testing new products and formulas). If you're like me, you probably need a lot of caffeine to feel something. That being said, I did get a slight increase in energy, but it wasn't the energy that got me excited about the C4 Smart Energy RTD.

While I am sitting here and writing this article (or I think you could say "review"), the product has fully prevailed and to my surprise it has chosen me. My focus is laser sharp and I don't feel wiser (that's a joke, not just because of the name of the product, but I'm not that smart at first), I get the mental performance benefits of the product if you have never experienced anything like it nootropic, I suggest you try.


Who is this product for?

The nice thing about the C4 Smart Energy RTD is that anyone can use it (provided you are over 18 and have no medical conditions that could be aggravated by using an energy drink). If you work in an office, it's perfect. If you are a player, you will enjoy the benefits. If you use it as a pre-workout, you're good to go. Regardless of what you do, drinking a C4 Smart Energy RTD can support your overall performance.

What interests me about nootropic products is the ability to benefit from the ingredients no matter what you do. And surprisingly, I prefer nootropics in my pre-workout products. It has to do with dialing in completely and really feeling the mind-muscle connection that helps me get skin-ripping pumps every time I put on weight.

The real benefit (in my opinion), however, is the knowledge and focus benefits that you can use throughout the day. For me it is not a problem to get up in the morning and work after the day and do my business. However, I need something to get my bum going (like coffee or a caffeine product). Taking the energy aspect and combining it into an RTD that (at least for me) also contains nootropic properties is a home run. I speak, kicked it off the stadium with the idea and design of the C4 Smart Energy RTD.

The profile

Overall, there is nothing to complain about with the profile. In addition to the main ingredients mentioned above, you will see 0 calories, 0 g sugar, 0 g carbohydrates, no artificial colors and they are naturally flavored. It is difficult to take a critical look at their profile. And for those looking for the caffeine content, each can contains (I'm glad to see that they made the serving into a full can – brands that make two servings of each can should be slapped in the face with a wet noodle) 200 mg of caffeine.

If you want to buy them online, the C4 Energy website sells a case for $ 24.99 as a one-time purchase, or you can opt for the subscription program that lowers the price of free shipping to $ 19.99 (not a bad deal) ). I paid USD 2 per can in my local supplement shop.

Have you tried this in the past? What were your thoughts If not, are you interested and which taste sounds appealing? Let us know in the comments. For me, I have to get my hands on the taste of cotton candy.

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