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Brandon Curry, Lee Haney, Instagram LIVE!

by Christian Duque

Bodybuilding fans around the world will be pampered on Thursday, April 16, at 3:30 p.m. EST. 2019 Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry will host an Instagram LIVE on his site with 8x Mr. Olympia, The Totally Awesome and Lee Haney!


During these very difficult times, when Covid 19 devastated the world, forced millions of people to stay at home and with no time to return to normal, the extent of despair has become a major problem among many. In bodybuilding, however, many of its champions have used social media to remind everyone that we will be fine. A large part of their contribution was made in the form of IG acquisitions, home training videos and collaborations. We have seen some IFBB pros get pretty active, like The Welsh Dragon, James "Flex" Lewis, Santi Aragon, Nick Trigili and 2018 Mr. Olympia Shawn "Flexatron" Rhoden. We saw that company owners like Marc Lobliner from MTS Nutrition are intensifying the unconventional (but still very effective) training at home. Not a day goes by without Marc dropping a new video and / or giving encouraging words to his audience.

The fact is that no one is paid to publish all of this content, but this is done as an act of love. Perhaps the most active leader among all is our 2019 Olympia Brandon Curry. Brandon was everywhere, leading IG Live Takeovers, interacting with fans and even doing IG Lives with us. Just last week, Brandon sat with me at my IG @StrengthAddicts for almost an hour, talking about everything related to bodybuilding – from King Kamali's attitude to Patrick Moore at Classic to how small businesses like the financial crisis would meet state-prescribed residence. Orders at home. The truth is that Brandon Curry really lived up to the ambassador role of Mr. Olympia.

I really want to recommend Brandon again. Just today I did a great interview with Jose Rayond that Ron Harris (online editor in chief for muscle development) did. One of the questions Ron Jose asked was whether the top bodybuilder was responsible for being active on social media. I may have rejected the question somewhat, but that's the gist I got.

It's a very interesting concept, because especially in times like these, the best athlete in every division should really be out there and inspire people. Since we are told to stay at home and social distance is such an important factor in controlling – and ultimately defeating – this virus, social media is really the place where inspiration and motivation must take place. I have to say what others may be too PC or too chicken to say, but a lot of our champions – past and present – are basically on their hands or totally MIA. It is very good to see that Brandon has stepped up and shows love to everyone who loves bodybuilding – whether they are fans of him or not

An Olympic champion is not just the best male or female professional competitor in a certain body-based division in the world. You are also a role model. Olympic champions are leaders! And this social responsibility should not only apply for the year of their reign, but for a lifetime.

Dexter Jackson won his Sandow in 2008, but was active on all social media and begged people to get food, follow social distance guidelines, and take this virus seriously. Other Olympic champions didn't say two words. Some publish content to sell their products or grow their business, but to actually take the time to speak to people, talk to fans – let's just say they were slow to respond. It's April 15th and they still haven't …


Well, let's not go into the selfish. Let's talk about this epic IG LIVE !!

The fans will have such a great pleasure on Thursday !! Not only will there be two great champions interacting with each other and with the fans, but if you've been to IG Live Brandon, you know there's a who-is-who in the audience. Dan Solomon could show up, maybe Masters Mr. World Bob Cicherillo, Sugar Shawn Ray and / or "Flexatron" Shawn Rhoden !!

In fact, Brandon and Shawn did an IG Live not so long ago, as did Brandon and Dexter. Now we see Brandon and Lee Haney !! There is a common denominator in all these pairings and that is Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry !! I know the scorecards only reflect the body, but if there was ever a box or area for ambassadors, Brandon should get a perfect score.

In addition to their love of bodybuilding, Brandon and Lee have so much in common. They are both family men, both are husbands and fathers and both have worked tirelessly to make bodybuilding a FAMILY FRIENDLY sport!

We can sit here and talk about special effects, music, webcasts and social media options day and night, but ultimately there are proven ways to expand this sport. Fitness should be fun for everyone, nothing would be better than having whole families in the audience, websites that everyone can access, and professional fitness stars that all ages look up to.

However, it takes a certain type of champion to really lead the sport in the right direction. See how many bodybuilders have been tapped by the President of the United States to improve spearhead fitness in America (Arnold, Lee Haney, Lou Ferrigno). When you're on the radar of the world's most powerful public official, you know you're doing something right. Ambassadors and philanthropy are so important. This is another reason why Brandon will hopefully stick to the title for at least three years. There is no telling what positive impact it would have on sport and industry.

What I also like about Brandon is that he left the door open for other champions like 7x Mr. Olympia Phil Heath to join him or start his own business. Phil may have blocked me, but I haven't seen or heard from him since the pandemic broke out. There are other Olympic champions, some with six Sandows, some with 8, some with 1, some with 3, I don't know … I haven't seen or heard much of them either. Anyway, it's great to see how champions like Brandon, Flexatron, Flex Lewis and Dexter really get ahead. Fans all over the world are very grateful to you !!

I can't tell you how much I look forward to this IG LIVE on Thursday, April 16, for Mr. Olympia Brandon Curry's official Instagram !! I really hope I see you all there.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article here in Iron Magazine. I am looking forward to read your comments. Please don't forget to use the discount code IML15 to save 15% at – iincluding the new CBD Gummies !!!

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