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Bodybuilding Information Channels Are Formally a Shake Weight

by Matt Weik

I am a big consumer of content. I love reading articles and watching videos about fitness, bodybuilding and supplements. At night and in my free time, I am constantly busy with something educational or informative that has to do with the industry. Lately, however, I've only seen these bodybuilding news channels bombarding each other and calling each other names like a bunch of high school school girls.


Bodybuilding news channels call themselves reporters. Other bodybuilding news channels say the other one is not a reporter, just a bodybuilding fan. A news channel says the others are stealing their content and not doing anything original. The list goes on and on. It's a damn shake weight these days. As a content consumer, I couldn't give two shits about your personal beef with other bodybuilding news channels – phone calls, DMs, SMS, email, meet in a cafe to fight, I didn't care less. But keep your personal business and beef to yourself. After all of this, let's discuss some of the problems that are out there.

Everyone tells the same stories

When news is released, all bodybuilding news channels run to their platform to create content, hoping that they can post it before anyone else. Why? Because if you're the first, you can get a lot of previews and approvals, which means you'll get more advertising on platforms like YouTube. Hey, I can't argue with this fact – make your money, boys.

But then there are bodybuilding news channels that urge others to steal their content and topics. First of all, everyone reports the same thing – only with different opinions and thoughts. Welcome to the "News". It is what is happening and taking place.

If the news falls that Flex Lewis has accepted a special invitation to the Olympics, everyone will speak of course. If at the same time Phil Heath comes out and teases about a comeback, bodybuilding news channels will of course cover that too. It's not about people stealing other people's content, it's just the news of the day that has been published and shared with viewers and readers.

There are over a dozen YouTube bodybuilding news channels that I watch regularly. Do you know what content they cover? The same content that every other channel publishes! It's the message! If President Trump says at a rally that he will put his hand in Biden's ass enough to turn him into a puppet, Fox News will report, it will be on MSNBC, CNN, ABC News, in NBC News, on 20th / 20th, in The View, on radio stations, in podcasts and in all local news agencies and newspapers on the planet. So does that mean when CNN first spreads the news that everyone else is just an imitator and needs to start being original? No, that's just nonsense.

People have to get their heads out of their asses and stop behaving just because they have 250,000 or more than 1 million YouTube followers that matter to them. You're not. You are like everyone else. The important thing is that you have people signing in because they want to deal with your content. Read the last sentence again. You want to deal with YOUR content. Who makes a crack about what the other channels are doing, saying, covering? They do it and produce the content that your subscribers and followers want to see or read.


If individuals want to subscribe to other YouTubers or blogs, be it so. Again I subscribe to various bodybuilding news channels because I like hearing different opinions on one topic. If anyone reports a Phil Heath comeback, I want everyone's opinion. Are you happy that he comes back? Do other bodybuilding news channels say they don't care that he comes back? I want to hear everything.

Do you have beef? Find out offline

I lose a lot of respect when people use the internet to create drama and expose beef with someone (to the point where they actually name the person). What exactly are you looking for? Do people have to say in the comments that they agree with you so that you can feel better and pat yourself on the back? What are you six years old and need to feel loved and loved for confirmation from everyone?

What happened when you reached someone and crushed beef? I know that times have changed and everyone is a special snowflake. The good old days when you rolled up your sleeves and punched them out will cause someone to be arrested and charged with batteries. Back when someone went bloody it was done and nobody ever talked about it again. Nowadays, bodybuilding news channels seem to prefer to be hit on social media and other platforms, as if they weren't hit with a lawyer’s papers for defamation.

Even funnier is the fact that it's a disagreement or who published what content. We live in a world where people are made to read or click on something that you need some kind of clickbait title to attract people to.

Why can't people find out their differences behind closed doors? I would have a lot more respect for someone who turned to me about a problem, and we had a civilized discussion against someone who went on YouTube and publicized their problem before I even knew they had a problem at all had me.

Every social media platform has messaging functions. In addition, everyone knows each other in the industry. If you want a phone number, you can easily find it to reach the individual. How many of these industrial shake weights have personally contacted the person they have beef with? I am willing to put a very small percentage. Therefore, it is difficult to respect someone who wants to "unmask" someone before even discussing the problem with the individual to make them aware of the situation and to be able to address it and make changes that they want at this point considers necessary.

I'm just saying that enough is enough for bodybuilding news channels to air their dirty laundry. Be a professional and speak to the group or individual if you have a problem. The fact that you want to discuss your problems openly online makes you look unprofessional and tearful. If your insults insult people or they are not on your side, you can lose your audience, which means less revenue from your content. There are better ways to deal with problems than to go online or on social media.

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