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Bodybuilders Weigh In on ‘Sport Changers’

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Meanwhile, we can bet you saw or know someone who saw the Netflix documentary Game Changers, who explores the science behind a vegan diet, and records the rise of plant-based athletes. The film – and people like Arnold Schwarzenegger – has been the subject of debate since its release, and many have argued for and against it.

After watching bodybuilding veteran Kai Greene, he decided to go plant-based himself. He has posted on Instagram about the new diet several times and even wrote an e-book on how to eat vegan while building muscle. But he's by no means the only IFBB Pro League athlete with a positive opinion of the film. IFBB professional Erik Fankhouser commented on a Greene contribution as follows: "I saw it too, Kai. I'll try it too. Hope nothing but the best on our trip."


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Get out of here, Flexin! Broccoli Gang Gang! ? # day1. , Tag ya friends! Raise awareness of plant-based nutrition! I always knew that the green in my last name would mean something #FeelingProud #GameCHANGER!

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The current 212 bodybuilding division superstar, Charles "Tank" Dixon, recently gave the movie a watch and said, "I just saw Game Changers and I have to say it's very interesting and a good watch." We are not surprised that at least some bodybuilders became familiar with the trend, especially considering that one of the athletes was Nimai Delgado, IFBB Pro League athlete and former Muscle & Fitness cover star.


But just like the vegan diet in general has its critics, many have had negative opinions about Game Changers. IFBB pro bodybuilder and nutritionist Chris Tuttle said he felt that there was little scientific evidence behind the statements in the documentation, or that claims were adjusted to serve the producers' agenda.

"The show is biased, it bends scientific research, it makes claims that cannot be backed up, and overall it is for entertainment purposes only. It is 100% biased and inaccurate," he told M&F.

And while 2019 Indy Pro champion Steve Kuclo is not an anti-vegan, he believes the information would be of no use to bodybuilders in the long run.

"I'm not against vegans and I don't think it's a bad thing. I just think it's a fad and what everyone is pushing for," he says. "Ultimately, a lot of people I've seen vegan for a long time seem malnourished and to be a little thin. Now as a bodybuilder I try to be as tall as possible. I think the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and proteins in animals are vital. "

IFBB professional Josh Lenartowicz said he had no problems with the film, but wished vegans and carnivores would provide evidence to support their statements. "I'm fine that we live in a place where others can promote their lifestyle. I would have appreciated it if the other side of the story had been advertised to make it more educational."

While bodybuilders are clearly enthusiastic about this topic, they are certainly not the only ones who deal with this topic. Actor Dolph Lundgren even said that switching to veganism has helped improve his sex life. One thing is certain: the conversation about vegan bodybuilding will not end so quickly.



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