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Bodybuilder Marries Then Divorces Intercourse Doll – You Can’t Make This Up

by Matt Weik

For starters, I just want to say that I don’t care what your preferences are – men, women, whatever floats your boat. But this story is getting stranger every year and has (hopefully) finally reached its climax. The news (I saw this in the New York Post) seems to love covering a bodybuilder (also apparently an actor) who is in love with a sex doll. Correction, apparently a lot of sex dolls.


I firmly believe that any story involving a “bodybuilder” will make headlines as most people see bodybuilding as a circus show anyway and have every opportunity to talk about bodybuilders in terms of steroids, drugs, illegal activity, or apparently your dick Put a piece of plastic in it hits your radar. Somehow, above all, a bodybuilder must have sneaked under the radar with his grapefruit fun? I’m surprised he wasn’t on the news as he is a prominent figure in the industry. LOL

Anyway, I’m not even going to mention the name of the guy who loves sex dolls as it’s really irrelevant and for some reason the press likes to refer to him as the “Kazakh bodybuilder” so I’ll entertain the title even though he’s me understand that he has zero competitions under his belt. I guess people like to refer to themselves as something that suits them. Don’t believe me, just ask any vegan or CrossFitter – they will be happy to tell you all about their lifestyle preferences (I’m not kidding).

But the fact that this sex doll lover has more followers on Instagram than I do makes me wonder what the hell are people engaging with on social media? People would rather look at pictures of a muscular guy who loves a plastic doll or content that can help them achieve their health and fitness goals? Apparently the sex doll is more entertaining.

T-Pain is in love with a stripper and this bodybuilder said: “Hold my beer”

So this “bodybuilder” decided about a year ago that he was going to marry a sex doll he fell in love with. Sounds extremely strange, but let’s move on. This guy took his sex doll everywhere, including on airplanes and restaurant dates – even at serenade dinner.

I’m literally sitting here laughing at the thought of sitting on a plane and having a guy next to me with his sex doll in the middle seat between us. I mean, what do you even say or do in this case? Not only is it gross (who knows what he did to the damn thing last night and what’s left on it), but it’s a life-size doll with, well … the right anatomy, shall we say?

This bodybuilder “dates” his sex doll for about eight months before asking her … whatever you want to describe the sex doll in order to marry him. I’m not sure the sex doll said yes (apparently she’s speaking?) But they got married anyway. But now this bodybuilder needs a new sex toy in his life and is divorcing “Margo” to see what else is on the market – in the truest sense of the word.


Apparently it’s a full house over at the “bodybuilder’s” residence since he has now found two new sex slaves, I mean sex dolls, named Lola and Luna. That said, if you already have one eyebrow raise, this will raise the other too.

This “bodybuilder” has now said that not only is he in love with these two new sex dolls, but he is also open to the possibility of human interaction. I mean, we’re moving into full-blown orgy territory now. However, he mentions that there is a condition when bringing a human partner into his life: “It is important that he or she likes my dolls too.” I mean, come on. If I was single and took a girl home and she saw a life-size sex doll, she would think I was a lame and creepy AF.

And just when you think the story can’t have any more twists and turns, take a look at this. This bodybuilder explains that he cheated on his sex doll “wife” when she underwent plastic surgery in December (you can’t make that up). I guess he was a little rough with her and needed an operation? However, he admitted that he had sex with a “strange object” while she underwent this surgery, as well as sex with a supermarket chicken. I swear to god you can’t make this shit up!

He also mentioned that he wanted to add a male sex doll to the mix like it wasn’t getting tight already. His house will resemble a little girl’s dollhouse that she would play with as a child. It’s like a real Barbie dream house or whatever they’re called – and he plays Ken (just a much hairier version).

Here’s my take on why this is “newsworthy” (or not really)

As I mentioned earlier in this article, bodybuilding is a hot topic in the press, and anything they can point a bodybuilder with, they’ll do and run away with history without even thinking about it.

Let’s face it, when was the last time you saw something on your local news about a bodybuilding competition or something good that a bodybuilder did? Damn it, how about Fox News or CNN? Probably never, right? So why bother telling a story about a bodybuilder now? Ah right. It’s because it’s a story that further points to bodybuilding and bodybuilders as “weird” and “different”. To make them look like fools and a freak show.

Don’t get me wrong, whether this guy is a “bodybuilder” or a random joe that no one has ever heard of, it’s a strange and unusual story. I mean, I guess people are getting married to sex dolls these days? I dont know. You just don’t hear much about it or the media cover it, because who cares what gender a man has sex with? All of this is acceptable these days. But there’s something about the extent to which this guy has embraced things that make it a unique circumstance. He essentially draws attention to himself, almost begging for the story to be covered.

Either way, to each his own. Does the whole thing seem strange to me? Yup. Do I really care that this guy puts his unit in a piece of plastic? No. Does it affect my life in any way? No But because this guy is a “bodybuilder,” places like the New York Post seem to want to cover it and continue to make bodybuilding an easy target.

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