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Bodybuilder Claps Again at Lady On-line Match-Shaming Him

by Matt Weik

I have a simple saying in life … “Don’t start, no shit, won’t be shit.” I’m so sick of hearing all this fat shame online and “OMG how dare you say something so mean to someone” while in the next breath people do the same thing to those who are fit. Fat-Shaming … Fit-Shaming … To be honest, it’s all so stupid.


First, do I want everyone to be fit and healthy? Of course I would. That’s why I’ve put out so much content for you (and girls). Am I naive enough to believe that people actually take responsibility for their actions and hold themselves accountable? Lower Austria. There’s a reason over 60% of American adults are overweight and over 40% of them are considered obese. But does that mean I’ll do everything I can to call someone the “F” word (FAT)? No. When you’re fat it doesn’t change my life or change it in any way. So I don’t go out of my way to worry about this unless someone comes up to me and asks for help.

But what really pissed me off is this whole “abandonment culture” where when someone says that someone is fat, overweight, fat (with two cs), hoarse, fat-boned, obese, oversize, [fill in the blank with whatever you want to say here], they immediately go to their social media platforms and “expose” this person. However, when the opposite happens, when someone is overweight and ashamed of someone who is handsome, nothing is ever said.

People like to make the excuse, “Well, they look good, so who cares?” Well, if the shoe were on the other foot, your head would explode, and you want everyone and your mom to fire them from their jobs, burn their house to the ground, and be publicly humiliated for weeks.


To be honest, I’m not doing the whole Tik Tok thing. I could find a million better things in my time, but I understand that the platform is “a thing” these days. However, one man was a little overweight and decided to get in shape. Well it got torn up and posted a picture. He was proud of himself and suddenly a woman was TRIPPED and said his transformation was a “shutdown”. She mentioned that women prefer what he looked like before he was transformed. To be honest, it was a typical “Dad-Bod” if you had to describe it.

First of all, I just have to say that. If someone takes the time to post something negative about you, your post, something you said, or how you look, it says a lot more about them than it does about you. A deliberate remark about bringing someone down indicates that the person may not be in the correct state of mind and is struggling with their own demons and insecurities.

As expected, and I would do the same, the man replied, “This is a perfect example of how about keeping our thoughts to ourselves.” Then he went on to add, “You think I f *** You don’t care what other women think of my body? ”He also revealed that this would have become an even bigger story and problem if the roles had been reversed.


Why is this double standard accepted?

You see, I am not and I am not claiming to be a fitness model. But I also get comments addressed to me. So I can’t even imagine what those who rave about all year round are hearing. I get comments on myself simply because of the food I eat and the fact that I exercise five days a week. The most interesting part is that the ones who are making the comments are the people who are overweight. If I said anything about their diet to someone who was overweight, I would be featured on the news because I was suggesting someone was fat or overweight. They would riot in the streets for my head.

If commenting in one direction is considered “unacceptable”, why should commenting in the other direction be considered “acceptable”? The double standard is ridiculous.

Here’s the main difference … those who are fit and who are victims of fit-shaming don’t care. They go on with their lives without a fuck. It’s a “thank you for showing that I look good.” Basically, it’s a different way of thinking. If you are overweight and someone calls you overweight, that person will view it as negative because they are not sure about their weight. But what are they going to do to change their feelings? Generally nothing goes up and their weight keeps going up because they fail to fix the bad lifestyle behaviors that they have lived.

Here’s the most interesting thing I really don’t understand. Over the years a lot of people came to me for writing articles on how to lose weight, burn fat, eat better, etc. Talking about my articles makes people feel bad, how dare I go with that Pointing fingers at those who are overweight, how insensitive I can be, the ridiculousness goes on and on. Mind you … I WRITE THE ARTICLES TO HELP PEOPLE.

The fact that they steered the article in an entirely different direction seems like they were looking for such an article to take out their aggression and hatred. Again, I’m looking at the people who have some issues that they need to address when a helpful article can trigger them that way.

Even stranger (as another example) there is a woman who said on MY Facebook page that she disagrees with most of the things I write about. But every time one of my articles is published, she reads it. That’s what you call a fan, not a hater. lol

Because YOU don’t like a topic, it doesn’t mean that others won’t find it helpful. Those looking to improve their lives find value in the content I write and provide. They want to lose weight, gain muscle, live a healthier lifestyle, live longer, feel better, boost their immunity, gain strength, the list goes on and on. If I had cared about every stupid little remark that was made about me or addressed to me, I would have stopped writing long ago.

But in the end, if you want to say something stupid, put the shoe on the other foot. Fat shaming … Fit shaming … this is all stupid. Stop thinking of reasons to argue with each other about what you look like. If it doesn’t affect your life, just let go of it.

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