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Belight Makes use of Their Ice Cream Flavors to Create a New Sort of Protein Bar

by Matt Weik

Are you a fan of ice cream? Ok, that was a stupid question – who is not? While you are likely to get a box of Ben & Jerrys down and feel beaten if you allow yourself to consume more than 800 calories in one session, there are other healthier options. One of them is Halo Top, another is Arctic Zero and the one I really want to focus on in this article is Belight.


Belight is a "light ice cream" that contains between 90 and 110 calories per serving. The net carbohydrates range between 6-8 g and all their flavors reach the 30 g protein mark. Not bad, right? What is even better is that they have brought their aroma to the point and currently have six flavors. They are ready to ship and offer free US freezer shipping for various packs so you can fill your freezer with Belight ice.

The current flavors in her ice cream portfolio include chocolate chips, mint chocolate chips, chocolate, birthday cake, strawberry cake and vanilla. But it's what I'll talk about next that should upset you about the Belight brand.

Belight Ice Cream Flavored Protein Bars?

It's no surprise that I found a new protein bar to talk about. If you've followed my work over a long period of time, know that I'm a fan of protein bars and try as many as possible. I like the convenience of them and if possible I would rather eat my calories than drink them with a protein shake (although I also regularly drink protein shakes over RTDs or mix powder with water because … well, I'm lazy ).

But let's say you want ice cream but don't want all the calories or something you can take with you? You're stuck, aren't you? Well, maybe not. Belight has announced that it will release a protein bar. This protein bar is based on Belight ice cream. But wait, there's more! (That sounded like a 2 o'clock advertisement on TV). They take ALL their types of ice cream and turn them into bars. Six protein bar flavors start and the protein bars have a little twist too.

They know that I always tell brands that they should think outside the box when it comes to innovations. I am a broken record because I want to see border crossings and new products that no one has seen before. Well, the protein bar from Belight made my mouth water.

Did someone say waffle cone?

I've never seen this before, but that doesn't mean it's not … But Belight creates a protein bar that has the bottom layer as a waffle cone. Say what ?! From what I've seen and heard, there are multiple layers on this protein bar. If you use the chocolate chip flavor as an example, the outer layer is a chocolate coating, the next layer from the top is a creamy protein center with chocolate chip pieces (think of the lines of the ice cream) then the bottom is the waffle cone.


I don't know anything about you, but that sounds delicious. This could be the next “ice cream protein bar” I've been looking forward to since launching the BSN Protein Crisp Bar with Mint Mint Chocolate Chocolate Chips – it was their collaboration with Cold Stone Creamery. The fact that this bar has a waffle cone separates it from the package that I thought was incredibly unique and a differentiator.

The only downside to all of this is, will they get shelf space? As you know, the protein bar market is extremely competitive. If you want shelf space at most locations, you need to turn someone off and pull out their product so they can be plugged in. That's easier said than done. Belight is not known in supplement stores, and I'm not even sure if Belight wants to retail it or just make it a protein bar for the end user.

When it comes to the bar's profile, Belight hasn't yet posted anything on its website (at least not at the time of this writing). However, I have learned that each bar will contain about 280 calories, 3 g of sugar and 22 g of protein. How many carbohydrates and fat? I'm currently not sure. That being said, most people don't consume a lot of protein bars, at least not every day. So if you want to use Belight's protein bars as a treat or snack every now and then, whatever the macros may be all right.

This information is also unknown in terms of price. Since the profile is similar to what we normally see on the shelf, I expect it to be around $ 3.00. To put that in perspective with their Belight ice cream costs $ 6.99 per pint – and that doesn't even include shipping. If you order the ice cream in bulk, you will receive a discount that can lower the price to $ 5.99 plus shipping costs.

Will it sell?

To complete this article, I would like to ask whether I believe the Belight protein bar will sell or not. I think because it is unique, it WILL sell. That being said, it depends on how you launch the product and what marketing campaign is behind it.

If the Belight protein bar is aimed directly at the consumer, you need to advertise it on social media and spend a reasonable amount on advertising to place it in front of people. If they put it in retail, this may be a better option if they can get shelf space. I think it's a good idea to allow people to see and touch the bar. If the retailer likes the bar, he can also help put people on trial.

I personally know that I want to get my hands on these bars immediately after launch and want to fully review them. What do you think about the bar? Do you think they are unique? Do you like the waffle recording? Are you going to try Let us know in the comments.

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