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A Valuetainment Unique: Dexter Jackson Talks His Subsequent Strikes

by Matt Weik

I have to give it to Patrick Bet-David, he's been posting some amazing bodybuilding content lately with some really good interviews with top bodybuilders and asking some really deep questions. In the last issue of Valuetainment, Patrick sat down with Dexter Jackson and talked about his career, his future, and the reasons for retiring from bodybuilding.


It's time to go on

When asked how he knew it was time to move on, Dexter Jackson mentioned that he could probably go on for another 10 to 15 years if he really wanted to. His body still holds, he has maintained and improved his size and he still reaches the top 5 in all of his competitions. However, he mentioned that there has to be life after bodybuilding.

Dexter has worked so long that he believes that if he doesn't respond to some of the business opportunities that are offered to him, his value in the industry could go down if not soon. He mentioned that he will be launching his own Dexter Jackson Signature Series addition line along with some other business opportunities that he does not want to disclose yet.

While thinking clearly about the business, Dexter mentions that he has some tricks and tips that he will reveal after retiring. One of those tips he mentions is an intestinal health product that he has used that is medically prescribed and not over the counter (OTC). The claim to fame not only contributes to intestinal health and digestion, but can also help reduce the size of the intestine and reduce the “bladder intestine” that occurs today in bodybuilding stages.

Should Dexter Jackson be right about this drug he is taking for his gut, this could change the landscape of bodybuilding and bring it back to the narrow midsection we've been used to in the past few years. This will improve the overall body of the competitors and the aesthetics that the sport demands.

Patrick pays attention to the competition AND the sport

I want to throw it out and say if promoters of sport want to increase their value and reputation, they should consult with Patrick about some ideas. Pat raised a really good point when he talked about the Olympics and what athletes have to show if they win the Mr. Olympia title. Patrick asked Dexter Jackson what you get for the profit other than the money. What do you have to show? Dex said a Sandow trophy on the mantelpiece. This was not good enough in Patrick's eyes.

Patrick raised the point that athletes and coaches get a nice diamond ring when they win the Super Bowl, World Series or NBA championship. Not just any ring, a huge ring worth well over $ 10,000. Why is that important? It is important because it focuses not only on the athlete, but also on sports and performance. You can proudly walk around with the ring and it will be a conversation starter.


The Olympia should also try to put this into their show. Let the winner receive a nice ring that opens the dialog "This ring represents my Olympic victory and my name with all previous winners and legends of the sport". In my opinion, this is a great idea that should be considered.

An extremely humble competitor

One thing that may surprise some people is how humble Dexter Jackson is. When asked the mandatory question of who is better, his answer was politically correct. He mentioned that it is not a question of comparing body parts, but who has the better physique and the better look overall. He said he wasn't sitting pouting that he hadn't won a show and he respected the judges' decision and that's why they're there to judge what YOU see.

Dexter also mentioned that bodybuilders come to him and that he does not hesitate to be brutally honest with them and that the athletes know that his answer comes from a good place and that what he sees and says is true. For example, he believes that people like Sergio Oliva Jr., Patrick Moore, and Steve Kuclo have the potential to do serious damage to the sport and even one day become Mr. Olympia.

And when Dexter was asked in a word about other competitors, unlike some other bodybuilders Patrick Bet-David had interviewed on his YouTube platform, he had only nice things to say about everyone – including Shawn Ray, who was extreme critical of Dexter Jackson in the past.

It's time to focus on the family

Dex has been in the game for a very long time and the sport is incredibly demanding and can affect any kind of family life and marriage. Dexter mentioned that his fiancé Gail was extremely supportive and enabled him to move to Los Angeles to train under Charles Glass for many years, and that it is time to put her and his family first. I think it's incredibly honorable to say and want from him. As he said, he could probably spend another decade in sports and still make a living if he wished.

Dexter Jackson will go down in history as the most successful bodybuilder who has ever lived on earth. I've never seen this performance in any other bodybuilder. At the age of 50, Dexter Jackson does things, the boys who can't reach over half his age. I tap my hat on Dex and wish him the very best for his retirement. In the meantime, I hope that he gets the nod and his hand is raised a few more times.

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