7 Health Hacks for 2020

No better source than Sandi Duncan, editor-in-chief of Farmers & # 39; Almanac, has said the new decade begins on January 1, 2021. Most people think it's January 1st, 2020. I'm not going to weigh up here with a decision. I just want to say that my proposals for the new decade can either start in 2020 or be prepared in 2020 for full implementation in 2021. Everyone is happy. Everyone wins. The most important thing is to tackle the past ten years of fitness hype and drama, drive the next ten years, and create a better world for everyone.


Say goodbye to Research Bros.

The clinical trial is critical, but it has never been and is never the full scope of The Science Game.

– Jonathan Rauch, The friendly Inquisitors

– CJ Gotcher (@CJGotcher) October 22, 2019

Research and science are good. Sports research and science are fine and serve a purpose. Ordinary people, sports science and research, as well as reactions to any published work should be put in their place. Too many experts, so-called experts, and comments on research work have watered down the impact of research.


There are currently six billion permutations of humanity on earth that are growing. Each has a unique chemical and biological profile that has a lot in common in core design, but differs in an imperceptible way, which leads to large fluctuations in ability and adaptability.

Even without statistical questions, sports science faces a reliability problem. A paper published in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance in 2017 indicated insufficient validation reflecting actual measurement results, a lack of longitudinal and replication studies, limited reporting of zero or trivial results, and insufficient scientific results, transparency than other problems, that threaten the reliability and validity of the field.

– How Shoddy Statistics found a home in sports research

Genetics play a role in your physical wellbeing. Environment too. Your own natural inclinations, prejudices and devotion will also come into play. There are endless ways that you can differentiate yourself from the person next to you.

Sports science and research are not so well funded, they often have difficulty finding jobs for their analysis, and there is a legitimate debate as to whether the statistical methodology is valid at all.

It has a purpose, but is not meant to change your training programs and basics every other week of the month.

However, if you really want to do all the research, stay with Greg Nuckols and subscribe to his newsletter or podcasts, depending on how detailed you want to be on the subject. Nuckols is a good educator, and other coaches are taken with his in-depth analysis because he gives them a lot of material to use.

He's not necessarily someone I would follow as a coach because there are a variety of bodybuilding, powerlifting and weightlifting coaches that are better suited as specialists, but you can leave all other researchers behind and not miss a beat.

Stop feeding

Diets are business. They are neither science nor plans nor patent solutions. Losing weight is a multi-multi-billion dollar industry. While there are valid reasons for dieting, especially for chronic diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc., there are very few reasons to choose an industry that is unregulated, unsustainable, and driven by the desire to sell false hope.

You will go on a diet. You will because you are human. They buy lottery tickets and think that 1 in 234 million will hit the jackpot. You don't go under ladders if you're unlucky. You think WWE is real.

What if the answer to our health and wellness challenges is to eat more beef?

This would be great news for consumers and beef producers like you and me.

– The completely unbiased Beef Magazine

Diet scam is a stain on the fitness industry. The earlier people started eating better in moderation, and the more thought was given to quality and quantity, the better it would be for everyone. If you don't like to eat then you have a real problem and a diet only aggravates misery.

The study in the prestigious Annals of Internal Medicine shook the nutritional world, pointing out that the negative health effects of red and processed meat were overrated. The international research group led by Bradley C. Johnston, an epidemiologist at Dalhousie University in Canada, concluded that warnings that link meat consumption to heart disease and cancer are not supported by good scientific evidence. The group, called NutriRECS, recommended meat eaters to continue their current consumption.

However, the study did not mention that NutriRECS, a consortium of approximately 20 researchers, also partnered with a branch of Texas A&M University that is partially funded by the beef industry. The omission is the latest twist in an ongoing debate about how much researchers should disclose to the public about potential conflicts of interest.

– Washington Post

Learn to lift

Get a trainer. Kettlebells, barbells, powerlifting, weightlifting, yoga, running, anything you can imagine requires expert guidance and technique building. You may consider yourself lucky to be part of a small group, a one-person center that can learn every physical exercise on its own. That's great. Almost everyone needs help.

Learning to lift correctly is an investment for life. Learning to lift correctly for your body type and mechanics is simply worth its weight in gold. A professional trainer or coach who has trained many, many people can help you identify the clues you need to lift properly.

An interesting article on factors that can lead to injuries in the camp is a good place to start, since lifting, which should be done naturally, is problematic enough. Now add the complexity of the highly technical lifting exercises that you perform in typical weight lifting or power lifting operations. What I want to emphasize is how important it is to develop a clear concept that does not require lifting instructions to avoid injury and failure. Learning to lift is a lifelong obligation.

There are generalities that you pick up on social media and there are a lot of stupid things, but the main thing is that you are unique and could be so much more efficient if you know what that means on a physical level.

This is the only investment you need to make in yourself.

Let your friends fall

No real friends. The fake ones on social media. The only opinion that matters is yours. You have to feel good in your skin. You need to have your health under control. A comment or opinion from someone who is not you is irrelevant.

However, there are caveats: if you are participating in a competition and have a coach, you may be warned that you are unprepared and will be urged to make adjustments. A qualified professional will provide a medical opinion about your health. That being said, everything is up to you.

A systematic review of 20 articles published in 2016 showed that photo-based activities such as scrolling through Instagram or posting pictures of yourself were a particular problem when it came to negative thoughts about your body.

– The complicated truth about social media and body image

Whether people tell you that you are great or you are stupid, it's all the same. Your perception of how others see you is always wrong and your need to comment is your problem, a reflection of your own problems.

Most importantly, you feel compelled to reduce your trust in social media for inspiration, validation, and community. None of this is real because the depth of thinking and commitment is simply not there. You don't give up your diet too much, so why give up your psyche too much?

Don't lead, don't follow

Right after the last hack, it has become really easy for people to succeed online among like-minded people, gurus and shamans. Everyone is drawn to this one trainer or trainer, who confirms their own prejudices and beliefs. It is said to be the echo chamber.

The best way is to stay fluid, avoid the black and white of the echo chamber and accept that there are no absolute requirements for fitness. Each individual reacts to other stimuli and needs them to adapt, grow and improve. Although the basics are great, we believe that how you respond to a specific day or program is absolutely unique.

So you're concentrating on learning more about yourself than finding out how someone else got where they got. Arnold Schwarzenegger talked about how he tried different exercises and routines, and then judged how he felt afterwards, whether they felt he was stressing him, and this method of trial and error guided him in the beginning. Bodybuilding is a pretty good place to understand the need to be your own experiment, your own leader, and your own follower.

It can also cause you to be less of a troll online. Who does not want that?

Buy a new gym membership

Unless your life depends on a particular training method, it's always good to treat gyms the same way as restaurants. You may have a favorite place that you use by default, but in the end we all like to try new kitchens and places and often find the experience very satisfying or educational.

Perhaps you will find out what you like or need, or you will be sure of what is not working for you. If you try different group classes, you will undoubtedly be better at appreciating good versus multi-coaching. Different disciplines humiliate you because they force you to leave your comfort zone. It may be so easy to drop weights and do yoga one day, which for some people seems to be much more difficult than it should be for them to get over it mentally.

You could try having a sports day to stop your activity, a game of basketball, a tennis match, something that you have to play with others instead of just training on your thing. All of these things raise awareness of your physical self and show your adaptability and athleticism or lack thereof.

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