5 fashion ideas that worth the form of the person who trains

There is a very common difficulty among men who practice weight training: choosing clothes. After all, after so much effort and dedication, nothing is more fair than wearing clothes that enhance your shape!

In this article we bring 5 tips for you to improve your image and enhance your results obtained in the gym:


Few understand about t-shirt modeling, and really, no one is obliged! But the fact is that many men who work out and have a well-worked body, end up wearing t-shirts that hide their muscles, and that doesn't make any sense!

When choosing t-shirts for your next purchase, avoid the traditional straight cut models and opt for pieces that have cuts that accompany the body, as they will enhance shoulders, chest, waist and torso length.


It is still controversial for many men the use of Slim jeans, that is, pants that are tighter. However, it is one of the options widely used by those who want to emphasize the leg muscles.

It is a modeling that has been gaining the taste of men and it is possible to find very comfortable pieces, because jeans usually have a lot of elastane, and that way it doesn't bother to be more fair.

Another model of pants very common among bodybuilders is the Jogger Pants in sweatpants. Basic and comfortable, this piece has a great fit and a modeling that pleases in general.

Many use the Jogger Pants in training, as it is very comfortable and elastic. An allied piece in leg training!


We will say right away: black is the favorite color among bodybuilders! And for several reasons, such as practicality and neutrality. There are studies that reveal that the color black shows strength and determination. Is there anything in common with the bodybuilder world?

Another color of clothing widely used among bodybuilders is white. Have you ever heard that black clothes lose weight? Well, unlike black, white enhances body volume. The impression that white T-shirts give is that you have more bulky shoulders and chest.

Following the concept of neutral colors, gray is the third most used color among bodybuilders. In addition to neutrality and the possibility of combining with other colors, gray clothes are very practical when washing, requiring less care than black, in relation to feathers, and white, which can yellow and stain easily.

Leaving the neutral colors, the red color is also widely used for those who want to stand out. The bright tone of the shirts in this color brings personality and attitude to those who wear them.


The simple fact of wearing a cap, already adds a lot to the look making it more complete. And from there, there are a multitude of options such as watches, bracelets, metal chains, necklaces, rings, belts etc.

Cares with the body

It is very common to see men who dedicate themselves a lot to the sport and build a nice body, but they do not pay attention to details that can harm their image in general.

Care to keep your skin hydrated, hair and beard done, and well-kept teeth is essential for you to build a harmonic image that respects your muscle gains.

Remember that taking care of your own body, in all aspects, is not something restricted to women, but a gesture of gratitude for having this extraordinary tool that makes our lives possible and full of achievements.

Now that you know how to dress according to what your body needs, put these tips into practice and you will notice how much better you will be dressing. You will notice the difference! And the people around you too!

We have prepared a Guide on how to dress for men who train. In it you will have valuable tips that will help you assemble a respectable wardrobe! For download click here!

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