5 cardio alternate options for many who don't like operating

Running is undoubtedly one of the best known exercises in the world, however, its constant practice can fall into monotony and become boring. So there are some other cardio exercise options for those who don't like running.

Cardio exercises are great allies when it comes to speeding up metabolism and promoting the loss of body fat, and there are other exercises besides running that also have countless beneficial effects on the body and health.

So, if you don't like running or just get tired of exercising, then read on to discover 5 incredible cardio exercise alternatives to start practicing!

The benefits of practicing cardio exercises

Cardiorespiratory exercises, more commonly known as “cardio”, are the exercises that promote a higher heart rate during a certain period of time and are generally practiced by high performance athletes.

Some good examples of cardio exercises are:


Therefore, regular practice of cardio exercises can provide several health benefits to the individual, including:

Decreased tiredness;
More energy and physical endurance;
Strengthening of the cardiorespiratory system;
Speeds up metabolism and promotes fat burning;
Prevents diseases such as diabetes and hypertension;
Improves oxygen absorption and blood circulation.

Thus, we can say with conviction that cardio exercises are faithful allies of those who seek to achieve good physical shape, become a high performance athlete, as well as to provide a much better and healthier quality of life.

Find out what are the best cardio exercise alternatives for those who don't like running!

If you are already tired and sick of always doing the same cardio exercises as running, or if you are not very fond of this exercise, don't worry!

Running is not the only cardio exercise that brings results and several health benefits.

So check out 5 great cardio exercise alternatives for those who don't like running:


Loved by some and hated by others, burpees are widely known for their high level of intensity and also for being one of the best cardio exercises.

Therefore, this exercise can considerably improve your fitness level, cardiorespiratory endurance, motor coordination and promote weight loss.

In addition, burpees also assist in the growth of muscle mass and work on several muscle groups, including:

Hip flexors;
Low back.

The burpee includes three exercises, and to practice you must start standing, then place your palms on the floor and throw your feet back, performing a push-up, right after getting up and doing a simple squat and to finish jumping in the same place.

Jump Squats

The jump squat is a variation of the common squat and much more powerful because it uses more complex movements, promoting greater use of the muscles.

This exercise is able to tone the muscles of the quadriceps, hamstrings, biceps femoris and glutes, in addition to increasing bone density, reducing the risk of fractures, promoting a caloric expenditure much greater than the simple squat and improving cardiorespiratory capacity.

To practice jumping squats, you should start by doing a normal squat. Keep your feet parallel and your spine upright, lower as far as you can, without your knees extending from your toes. Then, get up and jump in a fast, controlled motion.


One of the best known exercises on this list, after all, who never had to do jumping jacks during physical education classes? This exercise is also widely used in military training camps.

Thus, jumping jacks are popular for being very practical and for providing a great burning of undesirable fats.

In addition to promoting the burning of calories and raising the heart rate, jumping jacks also strengthen the muscles of the legs, glutes, abdomen, arms and back.

This exercise is very simple to do, just start with your feet together and your arms extended at your sides. Then, jump in place, so that the legs and arms are synchronized with the movement, the legs should open as well as the arms, with the palms of the hands just above the head.

Jump rope

This exercise reminds us of childhood and the game of jumping rope. However, although this exercise seems like a game, it is a great ally for burning body fat, as well as stimulating the cardiovascular system and toning the body's muscles.

But, in addition, the practice of exercise can also improve physical conditioning, develop balance and motor coordination and, as in all cardio exercises, improve cardiorespiratory capacity.

To practice this exercise, you will need good shoes and a rope that can be adjusted, other than that, it has no secrets, although it looks complicated at first.

Just remember to keep your back straight, your chin up, your arms firm and to make small jumps, enough for the rope to pass under your feet.

Mountain Climber

Mountain climber, also known as climbers, have this name because their movements are similar to the movements of climbers when climbing a mountain.

This exercise can be done anywhere, outdoors or inside your own home.

In addition to practicality, it also significantly increases heart rate, stimulates fat loss (mainly located in the belly) and works a large part of the body muscles, including the abdomen, glutes, arms, legs and chest.

To do this exercise, you must start in the position as if you were going to do a push-up, but instead, you will bend one leg, bringing the knee towards your chest, then stretch that leg again and repeat the process with the other, quickly and in a controlled manner.


Therefore, the cardio exercises listed in this content are great alternatives for those who don't like to run.

Therefore, you can set up your own training routine to escape sameness and practice both at home and outdoors.

However, it is worth noting that in order to obtain lasting and satisfactory results, it is important to combine physical exercises with a healthy diet and a good night's rest, for the muscles to recover.

In this way, not only can you achieve your goals more quickly and efficiently, but you will also guarantee a better quality of life.

Anyway, what did you think of these cardio exercises? Do you know anyone else who could be on that list? So don't forget to leave your comment!

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