10 steps to turning into an expert bodybuilding athlete

Have you ever thought about becoming a professional bodybuilding athlete? Well, know that you are fully capable of achieving that goal!

Undoubtedly, who has never heard of the famous bodybuilders with super defined muscles, looking like the statues of the Greek gods?


The practice of bodybuilding is a little old, but recently it has become increasingly popular in the country, and many individuals have even become adepts.

However, what does it take to be a professional bodybuilder and participate in competitions?

Don't worry, if you are interested, keep reading this content to learn some essential steps to reach your goal!

How to become a bodybuilder?

Basically, bodybuilding, in Portuguese known as “bodybuilding”, is a practice that, according to its name, means the cult of the body.


Therefore, bodybuilding has as primary objective muscle hypertrophy, that is, the development and definition of muscles.

This practice emerged in the mid-1940s, however, it gained notoriety only in 1976. And since then, it has been widely practiced.

Despite not being considered an official sport, bodybuilding has several competitions around the globe, which award the winner the athlete with the most sculpted body and the most developed muscles.

The way to be a professional bodybuilding athlete

So, do you think you have what it takes to become a professional bodybuilding athlete and participate in competitions?

As stated earlier, you really are capable, however, you need to keep in mind some essential principles and goals to achieve that goal.

So, without further ado, here are 10 basic steps to take on this journey!

Consult experts

The first step is perhaps the most important on this list, as it is from here that you will have a basis on how to proceed correctly on this journey.

So, before you start, you need to see a doctor to assess your health and physical condition, in addition to giving you better guidance on how this practice can affect your body.

Then, it is also necessary to consult a nutritionist, who will also assist you and indicate which are the most suitable nutrients to consume and in what quantities.

Find a good gym

Now that you have the endorsement, you need to move on to the next step, which is to find a good gym that has support for what you need.

If you are already enrolled in one, it is important to check if this academy has teachers or instructors who have knowledge about this area.

Because it is common to make mistakes when you are starting in practice, but with the presence of professionals, they will be able to instruct you properly and safely.

If you do not yet attend a gym, then look for one that meets these specifications.

In addition, if you know any bodybuilding athlete, do not hesitate to ask for help and guidance.

Have determination

The routine of a professional bodybuilding athlete may not be very easy, as it goes beyond weight training.

To become a professional bodybuilder, you also need to adopt a new lifestyle, and for that, you need to have a lot of focus and determination, because in the beginning it may not be easy to put aside old habits, as well as find determination to follow the scratches the whole training and feeding routine.

Plus, you won't get results overnight, but in the long run.

Therefore, determination, focus and discipline are the keywords to continue on this path.

Adequate food

Food is as important as exercise, so there is no point in training hard if you do not eat properly.

Therefore, proper nutrition is crucial for the development of muscles, because otherwise, it will only hinder your entire progress.

Thus, it is essential to strictly follow a diet that is rich in proteins and other nutrients that your body needs during this process.

As mentioned in the first tip, consultation with a nutritionist is important to assess your situation and what is the best diet for you to follow.

Practice aerobic exercise

A very common mistake that is made by beginners is to neglect aerobic exercise.

Know that these exercises are important during the process, as they help the growth of muscle mass, in addition to eliminating fats.

Therefore, your muscles will be more visible thanks to the burning of body fats.

Focus on bodybuilding

As expected, bodybuilding is one of the most important parts of the process, as it is through it that your muscles will develop more quickly.

However, don't forget to exercise specific areas of the body that usually go unnoticed during training, but are important for bodybuilding.

Therefore, it is necessary to practice exercises that are good to develop and strengthen that area in question.

Resting is essential

Yes, rest is also an important part of this trajectory.

Staying determined is essential to achieve your goal, however, do not allow so much motivation to prevent you from having a good night's rest.

Because it is during rest that your body repairs the muscle tissue cells that you have executed, as well as playing an important role during hypertrophy.

Therefore, a good night's sleep is as essential a factor as exercise and proper nutrition.

So, sleep between 7 to 8 hours a night.

Set goals and objectives

Setting goals and objectives can help you along the way, as you will feel more motivated as you reach your goals.

However, remember that tangible goals are easier to achieve, while more difficult goals may eventually demotivate and discourage you.

So, stay realistic and take it one step at a time, nothing you want to reach the top without first climbing all the steps.

Consider taking dietary supplements

Supplements are quite common among athletes in this area and can serve as a complement to their diet and training routine, as many are unable to obtain all the necessary nutrients from food.

However, it is worth mentioning that supplements are not a substitute for food and should not be used without first consulting a professional.

Have professional support

In addition to making the first appointment, it is also important to keep up with both the doctor and the nutritionist, to avoid problems related to this lifestyle and to assess your progress.


In short, becoming a professional bodybuilder goes beyond what many people imagine, because for that, it is necessary to give up some habits and develop a new lifestyle and totally focused on that goal.

Therefore, it is not enough to just do weight training, it takes a series of factors such as food and rest, which are important to achieve this goal.

Besides, of course, a lot of determination and discipline.

Therefore, if you want to become a professional bodybuilding athlete, you need to follow the tips listed with dedication.

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