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1 in 5 Males Would Give Up Intercourse for a Yr for the Good Beard

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Many trends are out of fashion and never return (R.I.P. width), but it looks like Beards have made a solid comeback. So solid, indeed, that a recent survey found that one in five men would be willing to give up sex for an entire year if that meant waxing the perfect beard.

Did you really think about what you signed up for?



The poll, conducted by the Honest Amish beard care brand through OnePoll, asked 2,000 Americans how they felt about facial hair. Male respondents were specifically asked how far they would go to get the perfect beard. A whopping 22 percent said they would give up sex for an entire year if they developed a full, shiny beard. Shockingly, more men were willing to give up sex than shave their heads – only 18 percent said they would shave their heads for a full beard.

The other lengths that men were willing to go? Forty percent said they would spend a night in prison, 40 percent said they would skip coffee for a year, and 38 percent said they would spend a whole day at DMV.

Full beards looked like they went out of style in the 90s and early 00s, but they are very popular today. Meanwhile, 73 percent of the men surveyed said that beards make men more attractive. In the meantime, only 63 percent of women agreed. However, half of the women interviewed admitted that they were more likely to accept a date from a stranger with a beard than without.


So what exactly does the perfect beard include? The main complaints in men about their facial hair were uneven growth (50%), slow growth (44%), spotting (42%), uneven color (31%) and beard color that did not match their hair (26%). ).


Unfortunately, giving up sex or coffee for a year has no effect on your facial hair, but you can at least rest assured that this isn't the most attractive feature. Concentrate on flexing your funny bones – 72 percent of respondents said that sense of humor is the most attractive trait for men and women.


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